DRV ‘Direct Radio Voice’

This is a video about all current DRV communications, hope you enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “DRV ‘Direct Radio Voice’

  1. Hi Lance thanks for liking my blog.
    Ive done EVP before but not DRV before, i think DRV is great
    deff want to try it.
    I listened to the video and sounds like there were a few spirits and entities
    speaking into it.

    The Mr. Raudive, cant spell sorry…. sounds definetly like a demon or shadow person
    i recognise the sounds they make. Ive been out of my body and they
    make that deep pitch sound.
    There is definetly a woman there as well, btw amazing clear recording of
    her speaking about the ITC.

    Wow amazing work, would like to see more.


    1. Hi Evestarlight, and thankyou so much for you comment and kind words.
      Yea DRV can be exciting and frustrating LOL…. I spent so many nights waiting, listening to just pure white noise without any responses, But when they are ready to talk it’s so worth it…. Thanks again, take care.


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