The Same UFO formation I seen back in 1992

As a big believer in UFO’s and star visitors, I would like to show you this bit of footage which I found on Youtube.

What’s interesting is, it’s the exact same UFO formation that I seen back in 1992 at 3.00am in the morning while driving on a very lonely mountain road. There was no other cars around only me and this formation could be seen very clear in the night sky.

Hope you enjoy the footage.


2 thoughts on “The Same UFO formation I seen back in 1992

  1. Mr Geoff A Green (Orion Silverstar) April 20, 2016 / 3:37 am

    Some great footage there 🙂 I also seen these craft fly in triangle formation and sometimes they are in fact a triangle in shape. I also have images of orbs in my house in a clear triangle formation, it is a message to us here on this earth. However sadly, most humans do not understand what the message is, just like the formations of these flying craft. The triangle formation may very well be connected to the pyramids like the ones in Egypt. As I am a big believer in beings from another planet in the universe and maybe more advanced than ourselves. I feel most of the U.F.O sightings from people around the world are from Inter-Dimensional Entities. I realize to us humans our universe seems massive, but is all still a part of this physical realm and these being do not fit the laws of the physical realm.


    • CONTACT April 20, 2016 / 9:56 am

      Thanks Orion for your input, I appreciate it… Yep!! I remember seeing this formation like it was yesterday truly amazing, thanks again Lance.


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