CE-5 Protocols for ET Contact.

Hi all,

I am going to share this experience I had three days ago with you all.

I have been familiarising myself with CE-5 Protocols introduced by DR Steven Greer, CE-5 stands the shortened version of Close encounters of the 5th kind (Initiated contact) by us, There are loads of videos on youtube etc about the protocols on how to initiate contact with the Extra Terrestrials.


For the past week, I had been trying to initiate peaceful contact in day time, using Robert Bingham’s method, of looking to the sky and telepathic invite the ET to come to my location and show themselves to me in the sky, I have been doing this for 8 days and still ongoing, but for now, I haven’t had any sightings to report, I’ll keep you posted if I do.


During my research, I came across Dr steven Greer’s method of CE-5 protocols, Dr Greer, introduced these protocols approximate 20 years ago, he is also the founder of CSETI.

Anyway, I watched a few videos from people that had tried this method of contact and it had worked for them, so I prepared myself that I was going to try it on a clear night sky (Recommended by the protocols)

I used my mobile phone to play the meditation video with Dr greers voice with soothing background music on it and sat down out my garden and let myself go while listening to the mediation video.  I felt very relaxed and peaceful, and  I projected telepathically   love and respect for our star visitors friends.  I felt we are all one with the universe, and that their could hear my thoughts of love and respect for all things.

After the video finished playing DR Greer voice, they still continued with the peaceful soothing music for a while. (One of the Protocols, is that you can do this in a group or by one self, and Dr Greer often use a laser light pen tool, to signal to them for them to make contact back)

So As the music was playing, and I looked up at the night star light sky, I then looking towards one spot in the sky, I couldn’t see any light or star, but I thought I would try and use my mobile phone to make a signal using the light from it.  So I signaled a few times, in the spot of night sky where I was looking, when suddenly! A Big bright light from the same spot of the sky lit up and dimed and then a smaller light up accompanied with a small streak of light. There was no sound, in fact the whole experience felt rather silent and smooth, it was mesmerizing!! And I felt blessed, as if they were acknowledging me, that’s what it felt like.

Session 2:

Tonight at 10.40pm, I went through the protocols once again by Meditating, this time I waited a bit longer, more like 10/15 minutes, before I seen any sightings, I seen three planes pass by, but then an orb like star that was moving to quick to be a satellite and when I signalled to the orb in the night sky, It flashed two big flash back and then disappeared.


I must say, I was rather surprised to have had experienced what I have so far, but to sum it up, what a beautiful experience it has been so far, I will continue the CE-5 protocols on clear night skies and as I learn more, and hopefully experience more, and find my own custom way from start to finish of a Contact session, by tweaking some bits of the protocols to go with what feels good to me and what works…I will share this with you.

All sounds a bit far fetched????    Believe me or not! But it’s true,  there are hundreds of people having the same experiences all around the world with this, and similar contact methods………..

But For now my friends! Thank you for reading and the meditation video that I followed is below, many thanks and take care, Lance.


Featured image from Other Worlds Fine art-  .Other Worlds Fine Art





6 thoughts on “CE-5 Protocols for ET Contact.

  1. DJ Browne July 24, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Hi Lance – I’ve been sending out telepathic messages to the night sky since I was eight, Now that’s long time ago! It works, mate. No question. For example (an I have hundreds) last night I sat and meditated and sent forth my usual universal love, peace and harmony thoughts. Five minutes later, (it was 9:50pm) a brightly lit craft (as bright as Venus is now) flew slowly and noiselessly in from the west low on the horizon (approx 30 degrees) and passed right over me. It was visible to the naked eye for two minutes and 15 seconds. I took five photos. For the next hour and ten minutes I interacted with the same craft 5 more times. It flew from south to north over my head. It responded to my flash light – which I send out in bursts of three. It repeated the three signals by illuminating itself. Over the years, I have witnessed craft close up with others present, who also witnessed the same phenomena. I even once mentally asked those craft occupants to come down low and land in a large deserted field close to my house. Holy Moly! They did it! Massive, pulsating circular craft. I bricked it and ran.You have to be careful what you ask for in this game!

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    • "CONTACT" July 25, 2018 / 8:12 pm

      Hi Donald, thanks so much for your input on this subject, looks like you’ve had a lot of experience, I would love to see the photos you captured of the craft.
      Truly is amazing subject.
      Thanks again Lance.


  2. DJ Browne July 27, 2018 / 9:59 am

    Here’s the film footage of the UFO acceleration, angled turns and impossible moves. I’ve done a bit of analysis by slowing down the footage. It’s amazing that as the footage gets slower what can be observed. Comment and insights greatly received. I know you are also filming UFOs near you home. I need to get IR, I think, because I can feel these UFO guys around in the daytime now and again. – ps, this contact was initiated using Greer’s protocols – especially CTS method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTsexS1Wv3Q


  3. "CONTACT" July 27, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    Absolutely fabulous footage! On slowed down, I also noticed lights flying off and on very close to the craft even before I read what you wrote, I heard a lot of this, that there is a main craft then smaller ones either coming from the main craft or nearby.
    I could even see the glare it give off as it morphed, beautiful!
    For the CTS method, which audio or video did you follow for this contact to happen? Looks like you had great results.


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