Hello All…

My Name is Lance I live in the UK…….    I am a  Researcher in the field of  UFOlogy and Instrumental-Trans Communication.

This is a blog is about research via Instrumental Trans-Communication) and UFO contact and on topics such Zen Buddhism and The Tao.
I will be posting my own experiments, as well as other people’s experiments  on these subjects. It’s been a beautiful journey for me, searching for and still, continuing to search into these subjects…….    Yes! I must admit, I have been called crazy and weird back in the day, for researching the subjects, but It has never stopped me searching for my own truths, of who I am and where I fit into this Universe.

A bit about myself;
I attended various spiritual churches on a regular basis back from 1994/95 and began my ITC research in January 2006… I was a active member of the AAEVP the now (ATransC) run by Sara Estep and then after by Tom and Lisa Butler.

My UFO research started at a very young age after having a sighting back in 1984 (summer) I believe both are truly amazing subjects and worthy of research.

I am not here to discourage you, from your own truths or beliefs, But I encourage you to have an open mind and to question everything, before putting it all down as hogwash.  There are many top researchers in this field from all walks of life  that investigate these subjects!  Will we ever really known the truth as to what these phenomena are? I don’t know, maybe in time? But no one really knows for sure what these phenomena are, we have theories and thoughts on what they can be, I have my own beliefs on what these phenomena are………..   But I encourage you to question and rethink even my research, that’s how we all learn for ourselves.

Anyway!! I hope you enjoy the blog and my research.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

“Explore your soul”


5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Sean March 23, 2016 / 12:10 am

    Hello Lance,

    I’ve just found your You tube videos and website, I’m impressed, my EVP site is still very basic, but I realise that we have been recording EVP’s over the same time period and I think that we might even be talking with the same spirit group, possibly Time stream, led by Raudive.

    I certainly recognise some of the voices on your tapes, as also appearing in mine and some of the same phrases, see my listings on the site, so do please have a look and listen around my site and tell me what you think. It would be good to hear from you. Unfortunately your Guestbook doesn’t work for me, it rejects me as spam.

    Last weekend I managed to record the names ‘Konstantin Raudive’ and ‘Fontana’ which I had asked Prof David for that day. I am 54 years old, an academic, based in London, and have also been a psychic and a spiritualist for over 30 years.

    Listen to your evp which occurs at around 9 minutes on your 18 minute video session (your latest one) do you think the spirit might be saying ‘Sean Richards’? They may want us to link up for messages.

    Anyway, it’s late and work tomorrow, so do feel free to use the email given here or the one of my website.
    I could give you a ring sometime.

    All the best

    Sean (Red) Richards
    EVP London.


  3. CONTACT March 24, 2016 / 12:21 am

    Hi Sean, just sent you an Email, thanks for your comment, take care.


  4. ianls March 29, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Hello Lance. Is there any new research? Any new repeatable results? I’ve been following EVP for some years (was a member of a group in Abingdon) but was always frustrated at the almost complete lack of progress in this field, despite many individuals, groups and exposure of charlatans…


    • EVP CONTACT March 30, 2018 / 3:01 pm

      Hi ianls, thanks for your comment.
      On the question of EVP, is that repeatable evidence is being shown in the ITC research field, people such as Sonia Rinaldi and her team……… I feel the whole ghost hunter Demon YouTube phase, is way out of control, people are being drawn to these clickbait videos, when real research gets hardly any views and is being missed.
      Again, the UFO phenomena, there is so much real repeatable evidence and video evidence out there, again this real research is being missed because “Fear makes money”
      Take care, Lance.


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