Hello All…

My Name is Lance I live in the UK…….    I am a  communicator/Researcher in the field of Instrumental-Trans Communication.  Basically this means, I contact the afterlife/spirit world,  through Electronic equipment, such as audio recording equipment, Computers , digital Recorders etc.


This is a blog is about research into Afterlife Contact (via Instrumental Trans-Communication)    I will be posting my own experiments, as well as other people’s experiments  on these subjects. It’s been a beautiful journey for me, searching for and still, continuing to search for new daily contact with the world of Spirit…………..   yes! I must admit, I have been called crazy and weird back in the day, for researching the subject, but It has never stopped me searching for my own truths, of who I am and where I fit into this Universe.

A bit about myself;
I attended various spiritual churches on a regular basis back from 1994/95 and began my ITC research in January 2006… I was a active member of the AAEVP the now (ATransC) run by Sara Estep and then after by Tom and Lisa Butler. I am  a deep believer in the Afterlife and Spirit Contact,  And I come to this conclusion  through hard work and deep research into the subject.

I am not here to discourage you, from your own truths or beliefs, But I encourage you to have an open mind and to question, before putting it all down as hogwash.  There are many top researchers in this field from all walks of life  that also believe!  This is Due to the fact, that supported evidence time and time again of an Afterlife, have been without doubt real, and life changing for many people around the world.

Forget Hollywood and the horror movies, they are made to frighten and scare people “Fear makes money”……… During my journey of many years involved in Afterlife communications, I have never had a bad or nasty experience from  making contact…….This could be down to my mind set????    In other words, if you are fearful or waiting for something scary to happen, anything that does happen becomes a frightening experience, and vice versa.

But I am  also a believer of what Mark Macy  talks of as “Resonance”….  Meaning in simple terms! That we should all work in Harmony and be genuine  loving and kind to all living beings……This acts as a magnet for spirit people who simply want to guide and to educate us that life continues after the physical bodies dies. And when Someone provides the tools (Such as EVP) This opens up a window for positive Contact.


I believe, in being respectful and courteous while working with the spirit world….People are people, in the physical and in spirit.


Science says that it needs repeatable evidence to say for certain that something is this way or not??   I believe we have and still do have repeatable evidence that there is an Afterlife and other dimensions provided over and over again, but some scientist choose not to acknowledge this.

Anyway!! I hope you enjoy the blog and my research.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

“Explore your soul”


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  2. Sean March 23, 2016 / 12:10 am

    Hello Lance,

    I’ve just found your You tube videos and website, I’m impressed, my EVP site is still very basic, but I realise that we have been recording EVP’s over the same time period and I think that we might even be talking with the same spirit group, possibly Time stream, led by Raudive.

    I certainly recognise some of the voices on your tapes, as also appearing in mine and some of the same phrases, see my listings on the site, so do please have a look and listen around my site and tell me what you think. It would be good to hear from you. Unfortunately your Guestbook doesn’t work for me, it rejects me as spam.

    Last weekend I managed to record the names ‘Konstantin Raudive’ and ‘Fontana’ which I had asked Prof David for that day. I am 54 years old, an academic, based in London, and have also been a psychic and a spiritualist for over 30 years.

    Listen to your evp which occurs at around 9 minutes on your 18 minute video session (your latest one) do you think the spirit might be saying ‘Sean Richards’? They may want us to link up for messages.

    Anyway, it’s late and work tomorrow, so do feel free to use the email given here or the one of my website.
    I could give you a ring sometime.

    All the best

    Sean (Red) Richards
    EVP London.


  3. CONTACT March 24, 2016 / 12:21 am

    Hi Sean, just sent you an Email, thanks for your comment, take care.


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