Listening in Live mode.

Hello all…

I bought a Olympus vn-732pc recorder, which has the capability of listening in live mode, this is the first time since starting my EVP journey that I have ever tried this, as all of my other recorders didn’t support Live mode….But I must say what a surreal feeling to actually hear EVP as spirit respond.
I still listen back to the recording by uploading to the voice software (I think it’s a wise choice to do this just incase I have missed a very quiet EVP)  But I am enjoying this new tool for me and overall! Am well pleased with  my new Olympus recorder, it has great sound quality and so far I have picked up three EVP in the last few days, (they will be uploaded shortly)
I would love to hear your views on listening in Live Mode, if you find it great or Not so great??  At the moment I am loving it.
Thanks for reading and Take care