Contact with the spirit world.

This is a “new” Pure Quick Burst EVP session with live playback and direct responses, These are as they happen and straight from my two Olympus  digital recorders……..  Filmed in night vision at my home. Where by I asked questions to our Spirit Friends on topics such as ; Timestream, Near death experience, communication etc.
I have been getting very good frequent responses using the quick burst method of gathering voices from the other side, hope you enjoy the video Take care, Lance.

Music by; Kevin Macleod (CC3.0)

Telephone sound; By fridobeck at




Working on new intro

Hey guys… So I have been working on a new intro LOL       what you guys think of this one??

I have blended a picture of my Mam and Dad and Recorders in there with some swirling action going on in the background.