The Afterlife Investigations

A truly great documentary about the Scole circle and EVP and Marcello Bacci DRV and much more enjoy!!!


DRV (Direct Radio Voice) Live session

Hello all…. This is a DRV session which I recorded, it’s a live session, this is just a portion from a long session (I never heard any other voices after this contact)
Contact in this video was established at around 1.13… I am asking for ITC researchers that have passed to contact me through the Radio white noise, after I ask for Adolf Holmes I can hear a response but haven’t as yet deciphered what is being said.

Cemetery EVP.

Hello all….
I was visiting the cemetery in the week and I like to record if it’s quiet, If there is alot of external noise then I won’t record, because of any false positives… Even when it’s quiet I still note any external noise by speaking out loud, example ‘A dog bark’ etc.

You will hear me ask our friends in spirit to speak with me, at around 17 seconds you will hear a low voice say something like ‘Robbie’??
What can you hear, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Just an update, I learnt in the week that by listening with headphones plugged into the ear jack of the Recorder, does not mean you are listening in real time for EVP….. This proves this as I did NOT hear this EVP with the headphones in, only when I got home and listened back to the audio, learn something new everyday in this field..Take care.

Listening in Live mode.

Hello all…

I bought a Olympus vn-732pc recorder, which has the capability of listening in live mode, this is the first time since starting my EVP journey that I have ever tried this, as all of my other recorders didn’t support Live mode….But I must say what a surreal feeling to actually hear EVP as spirit respond.
I still listen back to the recording by uploading to the voice software (I think it’s a wise choice to do this just incase I have missed a very quiet EVP)  But I am enjoying this new tool for me and overall! Am well pleased with  my new Olympus recorder, it has great sound quality and so far I have picked up three EVP in the last few days, (they will be uploaded shortly)
I would love to hear your views on listening in Live Mode, if you find it great or Not so great??  At the moment I am loving it.
Thanks for reading and Take care

Hello to old and new friends!

Hello to all…

This is my new blog page for, the main website has now closed, so this is where I will be updating my current work with EVP and DRV, I hope you continue to follow me in my communication journey, feel free to share my page/blog with others around the world.  Take care Lance Reed.

Lance Reed